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رسائل للأصدقاء بالانجليزية 2013 رسائل موبايل 2013 sms

رسائل للأصدقاء بالانجليزية 2013
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3 things a girl needs in her life:
Love to make her weak;
Alcohol to make her strong;
And close friends, when both make her hit the floor.

Friend: Someone who is not attractive enough to be a suitable "date" material.

Hold true friend with both your hands. Don't let go as true friend comes once in a lifetime. That's why I'm holding you tight! Can't let U go.

In the rhythm of life, we sometimes find ourselves out of tune. But as long as there are friends like U to provide the melody, the music plays on.

Friendship is like the relation between hand and eyes. It's like when the hand gets hurt, eyes cry and when the eyes cry, the hand wipes.

To hear what is unspoken, to see what is invisible, to feel without even touching... is the miracle called "friendship"

One tree can start a forest;
One smile can start a friendship;
One touch can show you care;
One friend like U can make life worth living.

A friendship is sweet when it's new but it is sweeter when it's true! But you know what? It's the sweetest when the friend is you.

Friendship is an onion. It has many layers in it. It adds taste to your life. However, if you try to cut it you will get nothing but tears!

I want you 2 know that our friendship means a lot 2 me. U cry I cry. U laugh I laugh. U jump out of the window, I look down & then I laugh again.

Everyone wants to be the Sun that lights up ur life. But I'd rather be ur Moon, so I can shine on U during ur darkest hour when ur Sun isn't around.

When U are counting all your friends, the oldest, the best & the new...
I wud like to stand by ur side & say two little words..."ME TOO"!

Do you take me to be ur lawfully loveable friend, to have and to hold, for rich quotes or corny jokes, for text messaging & during poor signals, till low battery do us part?

I always thought loving someone was the greatest feeling, but I realised that loving a friend is even better. We lose people we love but we never lose true friends.

The best gift you can give is a hug;
One size fits all and no one ever minds it if you return it.

Friends come & go. Me...??? NEVER! I'll stay and trouble you as long as I can!

Never say u r happy, when u r sad;
Never say u r fine, when u r not OK;
Never say u feel good, when u feel bad;
And never say u r alone, when I'm still alive.

Life can be hard & not always fun. But as night brings darkness, morning brings light. When life gets tough & no one seems to care, give me a call coz I'll always be there!

Friendship is love marriage without divorce.

It's painful to know that you'll never be mine. But it is more painful to realize that I knew it all the time!

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