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مسجات مضحكة بالانجليزية 2013 مسجات مضحكة للجوال sms

مسجات مضحكة بالانجليزية 2013
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I didn't do well in my board exams because my dad always said, "Sometimes a person has to fail in life in order to succeed!"

Only two types of communications are the fastest in the world
From email to email;
And female to female.

Petrol Price Hike:
Smart Phone users demand an App to download Petrol from the App Store.

There are some things that money can't buy;
And very soon PETROL might be one of them!

The way petrol prices are increasing in India, it shall eventually be cheaper to just hire people to push your car.

"Drink and Drive" should not be a problem now. After all, how many will be able to afford alcohol and petrol on the same day.

"The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" knew about the Petrol Price Hike!

Petrol at Rs 78.5, Manmohan at 79. Who's going to reach 100 first?

Breaking News:
Vin Diesel to name his son as Vin Petrol!

Beer cheaper than petrol is a passe! It's all about Petrol aiming to compete with Scotch!

Finally, it is a dream come true for all eligible girls, the dream man will come on a horse, thanks to the petrol prices!

Danger is my middle name.
First name: Avoids
Last name: Completely

I have this condition that prevents me from going on a diet...
I get hungry.

Q: What do you call a very old ant?
A: An antique!

The closest I get to multitasking is ignoring more than one thing at a time.

The lessons they teach, the price they extract.

The five stages of Monday:
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Wine.

Procrastination? No, I just wait until the last minute to do my work because I will be older, therefore wiser.

I come up with my best jokes during exams. Their giving less marks is a concrete proof that the markers have no sense of humour.

If drinking Alcohol makes one Alcoholic:
Does drinking Fanta makes one Fantastic?

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