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10 Symptoms of Cancer Ignored by 90% of womens


For many people, discomfort and general malaise are simple conditions that heal on their own, without creating complications, but the truth is that these are signals emitted by our organism, to indicate that something is not working well. Many of these signals are ignored by people, if they were attended and given enough importance, diseases with fatal consequences, such as cancer, could be avoided.
Recognizing in time the body’s signals, can mean saving your own life or that of your loved ones, and combat diseases such as cancer.

At the slightest suspicion or strange symptom of the body, it is prudent and responsible to attend a consultation with the doctor, so we can rule out possibilities. These are the 10 body signs that could mean signs of cancer that most people ignore. 
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10.Accelerated weight loss or gain

  Diseases such as lung cancer can cause weight loss or gain in a very short time, because the growth of cancer cells consumes large amounts of nutrients and energy, meanwhile, it is possible to begin to suffer a high production of brown fat, capable of unbalancing the normal functioning of the body, and make us gain or lose weight quickly.
The cancer cells also cause an increase in cortisol levels, fluid retention and adrenocorticotropic hormone, creating a feeling of satiety that could fatten a person without realizing it.