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6 ways to protect against breast cancer

“Women often focus on claims that wearing subcutaneous bras or using antiperspirants 
causes breast cancer, although there is no evidence,” says Victoria Seewaldt, director of the Breast Cancer Prevention Program and professor of medicine at Duke University. At the same time, many women delay tests such as mammograms that can help to catch the disease in its earliest and most treatable stages.

Another misunderstanding is that the news is only bad when it comes to breast cancer. The truth is that today’s survival rates are higher than ever, and there are steps you can take to change the odds to your advantage more. The key is to provide yourself with powerful and reliable information. Fortunately, there are top breast cancer experts in the country here to show you how to protect yourself.

1 – Self-testing is no longer officially recommended – but done anyway.

Recognizing the shape and feel of your breast is still a smart move, because some types of breast cancer are not captured by mammograms and others can develop between annual mammograms. “The fastest growing and most aggressive tumors are mostly tumors that often appear between tests,” says Ann M. Wallace, MD, professor of clinical surgery and team leader at the University of California, San Diego Morse’s Breast Cancer Program.

You don’t necessarily have to examine your breasts in a particular pattern or do it exactly the same day each month, but you should check it often enough to distinguish the disturbing change from the usual lumps and bumps. If you notice something strange, do not panic (many blocks are quite benign), but contact the document immediately to get it.