Causes Of Lung Cancer 2


  1. Smoking-related air pollution
    The most common cause of lung cancer in both smokers and nonsmokers is smoking-related air pollution. The leading cause of all lung cancers is smoking-related air pollution. There are about 600 different ingredients in tobacco. When smoked, they produce more than 7,500 different compounds that are suspected of causing cancer. Even more importantly, many of those compounds are toxic, so it’s no wonder that those who regularly smoke have a significantly higher risk of getting lung cancer as well.
  2. Asbestos
    Another cause is exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is made from chrysotile, which is usually found in fireproofing. Other chemicals in tobacco are suspected of being causes of this disease as well, including nickel, chromium, and manganese.

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Causes Of Lung Cancer 2
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